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Our goal

The Right Solution for Your Asset Class

… and you property (almost) manages itself. We know what your issues look like first hand. Therefore, we aim to offer an economic and technically feasible solution. It dosen’t matter what type of property you have – whether new or existing, small or large. What is important to us is that your processes are optimized and, at best, new business models emerge. Talk to us!

Micro Living / Student Housing
Micro Living / Student Housing

Micro Living / Student Housing

  • Easy rental- and application management
  • Virtual tour / sight inspections
  • Automatically generated rental contracts (multilingual)
  • Transfer of availabilities and property data to real estate market places
  • Digital applicant files and tenant record
  • Banking for leases, deposits and payment reminders
  • Online key management
  • Tenant Portal & App (multilingual)
  • Coordination of tickets and appointments



<p>City Quarters</p>

City Quarters

  • Own real estate portal for initial letting
  • Management of documents for tenants and properties
  • Quarter App & tenanant Portal
  • Analysis & reports
  • Digital bell system, postal and parcel station with automatic updates
  • WIFI infrastructure
  • Monitoring of building technology
  • Control of facility management and tickets
Residential Living
Residential Living

Residential Living

  • Tenant Portal & App for communication (multilingual)
  • Virtual tours / sight inspections
  • Master data administration
  • Management of documents for tenants and properties
  • Overview of leases and deposits
  • Smart metering and consumption rates in real time
  • Monitoring of heating, ventilation and fire protection system
  • Integration of remotely readable smoke detectors
  • Reports & key figures

In Five Steps to Smart Property Management

Let’s talk about how to make buildings smarte. For existing ans new properties. Applicable at any time.

Sustainable. Value-adding. Innovative.

01Project Analysis

02Individual Concept

03 Implementation & Installation

04Connected with REOS

05Save Money, Increase Service

Stories of Success

Regardless of which sector of the real estate industry you come from.
We offer you custom-made digitalisation. This is our USP. 



A company that rents furnished apartments with a high tenant turnover was able to streamline all internal processes by using REOS. Processes have been made evaluable with a significant increase of the team's efficiency. The marketing of the apartments is now almost completely automated. In addition, by using the tenant App module on both sides, tenant communication improved right away. The previous workload has been reduced, resulting in a more pleasant and target-oriented way.

<p>Projekt Developer</p>

Projekt Developer

By using the REOS Gateway and the corresponding hardware components, a project developer was able to reduce their administrative costs by 15 percent and thus generate a significantly higher return on the sale of the property. In addition, the property is now sustainable as a smart building and fully equipped for the further digital life cycle.

Asset Manager

Asset Manager

Software solutions combined with real-time property data will be at the core of asset and real estate management in the future. With REOS technology, property and asset management were able to receive sustainable value optimization along with higher economic returns. The holistic connectivity approach through IoT integration and digital property management of the entire real estate portfolio was able to significantly reduce operating expenses. The use of intelligent measurement for sub-metering also lowered operating costs by making relevant consumption data available at any time. As a result, reporting can be delivered completely independent of third-party providers. Tenant satisfaction also increased significantly, resulting in lower tenant turn-over and higher occupancy rates.



REOS Platform has been used as a blue print to enter a business case: Self Storage. The well known corporate uses the system for automated administration, bookings and operations. Thanks to REOS, the company will now achieve a higher return than originally planned.

Property Manager

Property Manager

A property manager was able to use the REOS Gateway to install smart metering in various properties. Ancillary cost calculations can be generated more quickly and with a lower error rate. These savings in terms of required capacity and costs enabled the company to take a new sustainable direction. In addition, the use of the tenant app "Your Place" has considerably reduced the costs for communication, also in terms of issue management. Service quality has increased immediately.